Product Details


-  Have 3 functions ( Clean, Sensitive, White ) with LED light display

-  Clean mode about 24000 strokes per minute, high frequency to clean deep 
   between teeth and gumline
   清潔模式每分鐘震動24000次, 有效深入清潔牙齦邊緣

-  Sensitive mode about 20000 strokes per minute, gently for cleaning of 
   sensitive gums
   護齦模式每分鐘震動20000次, 溫和清潔敏感牙齦

-  White mode about 17000 strokes per minute, effectively to remove daily 
   stains on visible teeth
   美白模式每分鐘震動17000次, 有效清除污積

-  Voltage : 110V-240V
   電壓 : 110V - 240V

-  USB port charger
   USB 插頭充電器

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